Surface Preparation and Coating

Surface Preparation And Coating in Kentucky

Kentucky Dry Ice Blasting offers comprehensive solutions for industrial and manufacturing operations by offering turnkey surface preparation and coating services for the power and oil industries.

employee providing surface preparation and coating serviceUtilizing dry ice is the most effective approach to getting a surface ready for coating or re-coating. It is the least dangerous, non-abrasive way to clean or clear away dirt from a surface. Steel, plastic, and rubber can be cleaned using dry ice blasting without harming the surface because it is non-abrasive. There is no need to wait around between cleaning and painting, thanks to our non-wet cleaning method. Dry ice blasting allows moisture to permeate deeply into any surface’s pores, grooves, or crevices until it comes into contact with the deepest items. This technique will get rid of bacteria, grease, oil, and the majority of other impurities that harm coated surfaces. The performance and adherence of a coating can be enhanced by cleaning the deep surface and eliminating flaws.

We can also employ more abrasive cleaning techniques when the surface material requires a more thorough cleaning with profiling:

• Abrasive blast cleaning – Surface impurities like mill scale, rust, paint, and more can be removed using abrasive blasting media. Oil, grease, and chemicals cannot be removed with abrasive blasting.

• Wet abrasive blasting — Low-pressure alternatives can be used for pre-cleaning, and high-pressure blasting can be used for maintenance. Wet abrasive blasting is typically the preferred method due to the dust issues with dry abrasive blasting.

When necessary, abrasive material can also be added to the blasting solution.

• Hand tool cleaning – Wire brushes, sandpaper, scrapers, abrasive pads, and chisels are used to clean surfaces that are difficult to access with power tools, such as corners and crevices.

• Power tool cleaning — Using power tools, rust and paint are removed and chipped away. However, it’s possible that employing these tools will cause damage to some surfaces.


When applying paint and coatings, the Kentucky Dry Ice Blasting company follows the guidelines in the product data sheets and coating specifications. The air temperature and surface temperature must not be higher than the manufacturer’s specifications for the coatings being applied during application and while the coating is drying.

Industrial coatings used in these situations:

• Coating with epoxy

• Coating with polyurethane

• Coating that is organic

Painting with acrylic

Straight to metal

• Dry autumn

• Color coding for safety and identification

Cleaning Dry Ice Systems in an Eco-Friendly Manner

Dry ice blasting does not require the use of chemicals or water, making our cleaning solutions safe to use around electrical equipment. We provide non-toxic factory cleaning products that may be used around humans, pets, and plants. Our services don’t call for a cool-down procedure, preventing further downtime while clearing your equipment of a variety of impurities.

We are eager to give you a free estimate for your surface preparation and coating requirements. To discuss the possibilities for your surface preparation and coating services, you will meet with our contractors. To find out more about what we can do for you, let’s talk about our services today.

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